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The Scottish Rite Masonic Story

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Rose Croix

After completion of the 14th degree, the Masonic educational journey continues with the degrees of the Rose Croix.
The 15th and 16th degrees related to the rebuilding of the Second Temple by Zerubbabel. The Second Temple degrees portray the never ending struggle against the adversaries of Truth and Light: a struggle which is still going on today.
In these degrees important moral and spiritual precepts of value to Masons of all ages are proclaimed. The 17th degree is an approach to and the 18th degree a recognition of the religious ethics in universal terms: thus assisting in the building in our hearts of the Third Temple not made with hands. The 18th degree culminates with the degree of the Knight Rose Croix.
In the Rose Croix Chapter, Easter Ceremonies constitute a solemn observance of the Passover or Paschal Supper on Maundy Thursday in Holy Week and then on Easter Sunday an inspiring observance of the Resurrection.


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The Symbolism of the rose among the ancients was two-fold, first, as it was dedicated to Venus as the goddess of love, it became the symbol of secrecy, and hence came the expression "under the rose" to indicate that which was spoken in confidence. Again as it was dedicated to Venus as the personification of the generative energy of nature, it became the symbol of immortality. In this latter and more recondite sense, it was in Christian symbolism transferred to Christ through whom "life and immortality were brought to light". The "Rose of Sharon" of the book of Canticles is always applied to Christ and hence the calling "that Prime Rose and Lily". Thus we see the significance of the rose on the cross as a part of the jewel of the Rose Croix degree.

The Rose is the symbol of Christ, and the cross the symbol of His death - the two united, the rose suspended on the Cross, signify His death on the cross, whereby the secret of immortality was taught to the world.

In this Jewel are indicated the most important symbols of the degree. The Cross, The Rose, The Pelican and the Eagle, are all important symbols, the explanations of which go far to a comprehension of what is true the design of the Rose Croix Order

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